Working in the Community


Our congregation enjoys being involved in outreach programs.  For the months of sept-dec. we decided to work at a very poor school of about 150 children.  Gary taught music classes and I taught art classes for a few hours twice a week.


Along side us, some of our members Anais, Terresa, and Adreana helped teach as well.  I believe they were a bit timid at first, but once they jumped in, they did an excellent job and really took control of teaching the kids.  The kids loved the classes and looked forward to them every week.

Gary focused on teaching music with the emphasis on our creator and the ladies and I taught art through bible stories.  It was a great experience and opportunity to teach about God.  We have built new relationships with these children in hopes of one day reaching them, their parents and the teachers.


At the end of the year we decided to do a program with all the kids, so they could display to their parents what all they have learned in art and music these last few months.  Gary lead all the children in an African song with Spanish, English, and Swahili lyrics in front of all the parents.  Then a child from each class expounded on what the bible teaches on certain animals they learned how to draw.  They displayed their works of art on the walls for their parents to see.  Then we all shared hot chocolate and sweet bread together.  It was a great day and a very fulfilling program.

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