We’re Moving! (the whole congregation)

After four years in a great location, we have decided to move. Our first building has served us well, however, our rental contract has ended. Renewing the contract would mean tripling the previous rental price. In order to keep costs down, we have chosen a new location just a short drive away.

We have been blessed to get our start in such an accessible and visible location. This has led to numerous walk-in Bible studies that may not have been possible in other circumstances. We pray that we do not lose the interest and growth we have seen at our new location and that we do not lose members or regular visitors with this change. We also pray that this will be a positive and uplifting experience for the congregation.

This Sunday will be our last to worship together at our current location. We are doing all that we can to encourage everybody to make this transition with us, and to understand that the people are the church, not the building.

Our plan for the new building is short term—about two and a half years. This will allow time for us to make arrangements to buy land and construct a more permanent building.

Please pray for a smooth transition to our new location and that God will open the door to new opportunities for growth!

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