Vacaciones Útiles

The school year here in Peru is on a different schedule than the United States, and here our summer months are January and February. In Cusco, that coincides with rainy season, so as a way to give kids something to do during the summer, a lot of places offer something called “vacaciones útiles” (useful vacations) which are classes for various things: sports, crafts, swimming, cooking, martial arts, science experiments, etc. They are very popular and we’ve put our own kids in them several times. This year our children’s ministry decided we wanted to offer our own program at the church building. We offered a craft class and a North American cooking class, with recipes mainly from the United States, and we advertised it in the community. It was a 7 week program that concluded last Friday and we had a great turnout for all of the classes! Many weeks we had around 35 kids, with about 90% being kids from the community who had never visited our church before. Last Sunday, we had a special ceremony for the kids and their families after worship and we served a snack that the kids had prepared, presented them with a certificate, a cookbook with our recipes we had cooked, and a tie-dye t shirt that they had made during the last class. We also advertised several upcoming events so hopefully some of these families were encouraged by their visit with us and will become a part of our church.

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