“…up on the mountain to pray”



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Once a month we go up to a high point in the mountains, overlooking the city, to pray.

Barton and myself recently went up with a couple of men from church to make time to pray.

I say “make time”, because it becomes difficult to pray when one is busy all day and constantly interrupted by people with needs, or ones personal workload.

So, getting away really helps. I especially enjoy getting away and spending time in solitude and prayer. Looking over the city helps me get a visual reminder of how many houses and buildings there are, and imagine that there may be at least 2-3 people in each one.  At some point in my process i can get overwhelmed with just how many people there are… and HOW much work there is to be done…  But, then i look up over the city at the mountain skyline and the immensity of Gods creation and remember still exactly how small we all are by comparison, or better yet, how HUGE God is.

This is a refreshing process, which i need every month, and as the work grows i like the idea of taking more people from church with us so that they too can learn to make time to pray and focus on Gods plan for us. . . and to be reminded how small we are, and that God is in control.




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