Training Preachers


6 straight weeks of our Peruvian brothers taking over the pulpit.

One of the most exciting moments for us is when the church begins taking ownership of the work.  In the picture above a few of the brothers who will be preaching over the next month are coordinating and planning a series of sermons that will focus on Biblical values in the family.

God has blessed us here in Cusco with some talented men. Some have public speaking experience, while others have been training every Wednesday morning with Barton on the preparation and delivery of sermons. This has proven to be a blessing indeed in that while the Kizer family is in Lima, the mission work is working with a skeleton crew, yet the new brethren have stepped up and are doing a great job.  The men preaching, along with myself, meet together at the building every Wednesday morning to practice their sermons and to critique one another in order to polish their work. It is great to know that with God’s provision, the Kizer family can welcome their new babies into the world and not have to worry about the work here. It’s great to know that I’m not the one running things – God is laying the foundation for even greater work to come. And it’s great to know that, whatever happens to “the Americans”, the church in Cusco will be in the hands of capable men who have a heart to serve.

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