The Low Months

children's campaignIt is unavoidable to experience low times in the work. The biggest mistake is to not recognize them and either have unrealistic expectations or become frustrated by the lack of results. Every organization works through these moments. A few years ago, we learned the rhythm of the calendar and identified that during the months of May through the beginning of August is a low time in Cusco. The many cusqueñian festivals and the school breaks are some of the major contributors to this time. A lot of the families travel outside of Cusco.

So what do we do? We could fight it and try to work with people that are not even in Cusco. Or, we could change our focus for a few months. Here is a list of a few goals we try to accomplish during this time.

  • We continue to evangelize and disciple people. Generally speaking, this is our main focus. Regardless of changes in the calendar, we will always put these two in the forefront.
  • We train leaders. This is really included in the discipleship part of the previously-mentioned goal. We give leaders many opportunities to serve and to disciple during this time.
  • We focus our teaching more on discipleship-oriented topics. This is mainly in regards to our sermons. We recognize that fewer visitors attend our services during these months, and so we address topics that are deeper and for more mature disciples.
  • We host a campaign. This season is of course the summer months in the United States. Usually we have a group come and work for a week in Cusco. Last year we renovated a park in a nearby neighborhood. This year, we will work with a women’s shelter. It’s a good way to do good works in the community as well as generate some interest in long-term missions among those who are visiting.
  • We think and plan for the upcoming part of the year. Beginning in September, we begin to experience the biggest growth time during the calendar year. We’ve been able to break through growth barriers and create many opportunities for leadership during this time. We really view this as a crucial time, and so slowing down and thinking through it beforehand is important.

Although it’s a low time for the city of Cusco, we continue to stay very busy. Please pray for us as we enter into this important season.

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