Team Transitions

When we first arrived to Cusco 8 years ago, I don’t think we realized the many transformations our team of missionaries would take on during our time here. It has been both a blessing and very challenging during certain additions and departures.

This year our team has been apart for a good portion of the year, as the Davises have spent more time than usual in the states due to the birth of their son, Luke, as well as fundraising efforts for a permanent facility for our church here. The Westmorelands have also had to spend extra time in the states because of pregnancy complications with Keli. Their son, Elliot Clark, was born last month with a healthy delivery for mom and baby. We are excited to have their family of four back with us in just a few short weeks! We have had two long term interns join our team this year, Bethany and Skylar, and they are doing an awesome job so far helping out with the work. At the end of this month, Rachel and Mitchel Routh will be joining our team after concluding an intensive language study in Lima. And in December, several Peruvians who have been working with our leadership training program (Elvis, Yolanda, and Percy) will be returning to Cusco to work with the church here after several years of study at the Baxter Institute in Honduras.

As we welcome these exciting new additions of talented workers to our team, some of the older team members (Corinne, the Kizers, and the Reaves) will be beginning our transition out of the work in 2018 as we prepare for a stateside church plant we will take on together in 2019. With all of these transitions, we ask for your prayers for healthy adjustments for both the missionaries and the church here as some new changes are on the horizon.

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