Team Planning Retreat

A few weekends ago the two team families and our interns, Corinne and Lacee, traveled to the nearby Sacred Valley for the weekend. We wanted to have a few days to spend some time together as a team but also to have a little more quality time to plan out some of the events of the coming year. In the past, especially during our first year on the field, these team retreats were a welcome respite from our daily lives and a refresher for our relationship as a team, and that was our experience this time as well. We are very blessed to live in one of the most beautiful places on earth, at least in my opinion, and to have the opportunity to get away on occasion to the warm serenity of the Sacred Valley.

It was our first real trip with the twins since we brought them home from Lima, and while it was a bit of an ordeal to pack up a bunch of their gear and clothes for a few days away from home, it was worth it to spend some time with the team. For a new mom of two babies that has been a little more hard to come by! We were able to plan out some sermon series and group studies for the next year as well as our general team calendar. Cole, Logan, and Brody had a great time playing outside together in a big green area outside the room where we met. We even got to take them swimming at a nice hotel pool that was near where we were staying (here you can pay a small fee to swim in some of the nicer pools at hotels, even if you aren’t staying there as a guest).

On a side note, the twins are nearly four months old now and we are all doing great! Some days it feels like I barely have any time to do anything between feeding them, changing diapers, and getting them to sleep, but it is such a huge blessing to be their mommy! They are both pretty laid back babies and are on a fairly good schedule as far as nursing and sleeping goes, so that has been a blessing. They have been very healthy so far and the doctors have been pleased with their growth at all of their checkups.


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