Team Goals for the 2015 Year

setgoalsboardThe Cusco Team is made up of members who are firm believers in goal setting. Each month we have worked through the goals, and following that time we evaluate and ask ourselves if we have achieved our short-term goals. We believe it maintains our focus and gives us a map to follow throughout the year.

In November 2014 we came together for a few days for a number of reasons, but one of the primary ones was to set some overarching goals for the year 2015. These goals were determined through a number of decisions. One, we wanted them to be challenging and something that would push us in the work. Two, we wanted the goals to match our initial vision of the work that we established years ago. And, three, we wanted the goals to not only involve the missionaries but also each member of the local church plant in Cusco.

I share these six goals with you now for two reasons. First, to build enthusiasm and create excitement. When I read these I get excited about the New Year. Second, so that you can pray for these goals. Throughout the months we dedicate ourselves to prayer as we think about these goals. We thank God after the goals have been accomplished as well. We ask that you do the same.

  • Goal #1:  To end the year 2015 with an average of 150 in worship attendance. We’re approaching 100 now, and so we believe this is within the realm of possibility. As the Bible emphasizes numbers (It has a whole book that wears the name!), we also believe they’re important. Each number represents a soul.
  • Goal #2:  To have an established, structured and attractive children’s class with 40 in attendance. This has been a dream for quite a while, but now with new missionaries working in Cusco, this has become a goal we have decided to work towards in 2015.
  • Goal #3:  To have a team of five fully-functioning missionary families. This goal is almost a realization! We have worked towards this one for a few years now. Two families have already arrived, with one more arriving in September 2015. Our goal is not to just have more warm bodies in Cusco, but rather families that are assimilated in the culture, bought into the vision and fluent in the language.
  • Goal #4:  To have 10 small group mid-week studies by the end of 2015. These are the group studies we host in the homes located in different areas of the city. It is also an important way to raise up leadership.
  • Goal #5:  To begin formal training of one Peruvian Evangelist that can later begin serving in the local church. We have already worked more towards this goal than any other for the year 2015. We believe that there are some very talented Peruvians in the church who can be discipled to be incredible leaders for the future!
  • Goal #6:  To begin the formal training of women’s leadership in the church. Many talented women have come to the church just in the last year. The ladies have been working hard to open up the areas in which they can serve and lead in the local church.

There is a lot of work just in these six goals. It will be our main focus for the year. Again, I ask that you join us in prayer that God will guide us and bless us throughout the year.

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