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I can’t count all of the evangelistic tools that we have used over the last 2 1/2 years. We’ve always tried to be creative and effective in everything that we do. I have always thought it to be extremely important to really think about what is going to be attractive to the community. Americans probably spend more time looking at a television than any other thing; likewise, Peruvians spend a lot of their day watching television. For this reason we have decided to tap into the t.v. market in order to invite the community to the church.

Our plans involve two phases. One, we are putting together a television commercial that will advertise the congregation and inform the community on where and when they can find us. This has been an fun project because some of our members are featured in their workplace, quoting the greeting passage of Romans 16:16. Our hope is that the community understands that we’re a congregation of people who come from different backgrounds.

Second, in the near future, the missionaries plan on taping four to five lessons that will then be broadcasted on a weekly basis. This will be different from the commercial, in that we hope to spend approximately 15 minutes, each lesson, to teach the Bible to the community.

We don’t have much experience in this area, but we know how popular and effective the tool of television can be. Thanks goes out to Gary Reaves, my teammate, for directing this project, and also supporting congregations, like the Hoover Church of Christ (in Birmingham, AL), who have helped us fund it. The local church in Cusco has also given towards this effort.

Above is a sample video of the commercial. It is still in the editing phases, and so many things may change from it. However, it gives you an idea of the quality and vision of the commercial. Enjoy!

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