December, January, and Febuary are the summer months here in cusco. It’s also the raining season, so a lot of Peruvians will travel to other cities like Lima to stay for a month or so. If there is going to be a lull in our attendance, this is the time. Our attendance so far this year hasn’t been down that much at all, so in comparison to past years we are doing pretty well.
Summer here is also the time that a lot of kids get involved in different summer programs. Our boys are enjoying swimming classes and cooking classes. Aside from that, I’m working with Logan on reading, math and writing to help him stay up to speed with his classmates. We are also taking spanish classes. Logan really needs to improve his spanish if he is going to understand his teachers.
School is becoming a real challenge for all of us, but we have some plans for second grade that we hope will help Logan to stay on task and become more independent. Kindergarten was a joy for Logan with the best teacher, but we can’t always have the best teacher for every grade. In one year he has gone from loving school to hating it. This is very sad for me and I’m praying that things change, or the next 11 years for Logan are going to be very long and difficult. He will be starting second grade in march, please pray that he can adjust better this year.

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