First, I think introductions are due; My name is Corinne Faneus, in 2013 I came to work with the Cusco team as a missionary intern, fast forward to today and now I’m a team member (woot woot!).

Usually when people find out about my “single situation” they are full of questions,” Aren’t you scared?…lonely? What exactly does a girl missionary do? So, here are all the answers to those questions about life as a #singlemissionary.

Scared? Nope, I am strongly convinced that God has my back so fearing for my safety has not really come up. Not to mention Cusco is a pretty safe place and I have deluded myself into thinking that I’m too tough looking and intimidating for anyone to even consider pick pocketing me.

Now I will admit that sometimes I get bored (watching the walking dead by yourself is not quite as fun) but I can honestly say that I rarely feel lonely. 8 teammates soon to be 10, plus a handful of children makes it hard for me to feel like I am alone in Cusco.

When it comes to mission work, what people want most is your time. So, one of my biggest advantages to being single is that I am very flexible. One-hour study becomes a three-hour study, great! Young adults plan a last minute activity, I’m in! Time, I gladly and (sometimes grudgingly) have it to offer.

What exactly do you do? I actually do the same thing as everyone else, spend time with people, bible studies, teach classes, help create the vision for the future of the church, and desperately depend on God for guidance as we try to spread His word and help mature Christians in Cusco.


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