Quick Look: Next 3 Months

Page of calendar showing date of todayWe’re closing one of the slowest parts of our year, which is the summer months of January and February. Because it is the rainy season and also includes the vacation months (school is out), then many leave Cusco for the sunnier and drier parts of Peru. School starts back up in March, and along with it the rest of the city moves back into action and routine. For this reason we are approaching a busier part of the calendar.

On March 1st we will launch something that we have never done before in Cusco. As a result of a tremendous blessing and an obstacle, we will be adding another worship hour to our Sundays. We experienced good growth during the 2014 year, and now we have basically outgrown our facilities. In order to not inhibit growth, we are adding an afternoon worship hour so that there will be more space in the auditorium. We’ve been preparing the congregation and believe that this can be a great outreach to those who have previously not considered the church.

During the second week in March we are implementing our 5th annual medical campaign. This year we have 51 campaigners coming to work in the four-day clinic! Last year we generated 10-20 new contacts who are now worshipping with us, and many of those have been recently baptized. We’re excited about another opportunity to reach into the community and share the love of Christ.

At the close of March and during the first week in April, the city of Cusco celebrates Semana Santa, or “Holy Week”. Included are the well-known traditions of Easter and Palm Sunday. We plan to take advantage of this week and host a booth at one of the plazas in the city to promote the church and invite many to our worship services. Also, we’ll host a traditional meal in our location to invite newcomers.

We’re praying and planning so that this somewhat high-point during the year will bring many newcomers to the church. For this reason, we’ve prepared a sermon series during the month of May entitled, “What Is a Member?”. At the close of the month we’ll offer a new members’ seminar that will teach newcomers about the Gospel as well as our congregation.

Please join us in prayer for growth as we begin this new season of the year.

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