Peruvian National Preachers Conference


Preachers WorkshopWe have had a very busy/great month. One of our biggest activities was that we hosted the national meeting of peruvian preachers for 3 days starting the 15th of May.  This was a combined effort by the three congregations in Cusco. This included three full days of lectureships dealing with leadership, sermon preparation, and evangelism. By the end of the first day over 80 peruvian preachers came, as well as a few guests lecturers from Chili, Ecuador, Mexico, and the US.

The first evening ended with an evangelistic event much like a gospel meeting and at our congregation we had around 250 guests, Wednesday evening.  As you can imagine, for a 2 1/2 year old congregation this was a big event, and very encouraging for several of our members.  We had several men from our membership who attended all of the lectures as well as the evening meetings.

Aside from the great and practical Bible teaching that took place, I think overall i was most encouraged for our members to witness such an established love and fellowship between the older, more experienced christians.


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