Peruvian Missionary Retreat

When we arrived to Peru in 2009, two other teams arrived at around the same time in Lima and Arequipa. Since missionary families have a special bond because of the unique cross-cultural and ministry experiences we share, we really wanted to connect with these other teams and so we began a yearly tradition of a missionary retreat. Since then, some families have left the field and others have joined the various works, and now a new team working in a fourth city, Huancayo. A few weeks ago, Barton and I traveled to Lima with the kids for another one of these retreats. It came at a great time for us, as it had been quite awhile since we had a break from the work and from the daily grind, which for those of us living in a different culture can be quite intense at times. We had a wonderful “refresher course” on the importance of rest and taking time to be at peace with God. Anyway, it was a huge blessing for both us and the kids, who had an amazing time playing with the other missionary kids. After the retreat, we spent a few extra days in Lima and were able to take the kids to some nice parks and also to the zoo there. It was a fun getaway for all of us and we were very grateful for the opportunity.


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