New Team. New Obstacles. New Possibilities.

New TeamFor years, the Cusco Mission Team has operated in an organization of two missionary families and the local church. Since October of this year, that all changed with the arrival of two new families, as well as the anticipation of a third coming in September 2015. This is obviously an enormous blessing; however, the transition from two to five families is not as easy and as natural as it would seem.

After having their paths defined and determined throughout the last few years by this decision, undergoing extensive training, packing, and saying their tearful goodbyes to their friends and family, it was an honor for me to be on the other end of the journey and welcome Ryan and Sarah Davis and Derrek and Danyel Wilson, and the boys, at the airport here in Peru. Before their arrival, and even before the training, it was obvious during the recruiting stage, that these were two very talented families. In addition, the Cusco Team was excited when one of our former interns, Corinne, decided to take the step and commit as a team member in 2015.

However, there is a lot more to the transition than just the new members jumping into things. Aside from just the language and culture preparation, there are various other considerations. First and foremost, is learning and implementing the vision. Also, they are learning the systems and how the work is organized. There are ways in which we have to restructure the team as well. The new families aren’t replacing us but rather are joining the team. It’s a bigger team, and so we have to make room and broaden the work. We are shifting responsibilities, rethinking ideas, setting newer goals, changing team meetings, and growing ministries. All the while, we are recognizing that the local church is beginning it’s fifth year, and that our team doesn’t consist of only American missionaries but rather a whole body of believers.

Public transportation in Cusco is interesting. Everyday I watch the chaos unfold from my seat, and sometimes it gets pretty ugly. I watch taxis cut each other off and then race for a prize of vengeance as the former is finally justified when he gets his turn in cutting off the latter. I watch frantic pedestrians dodge between speeding cars that are honking their horns incessantly. And, I watch some perform feats of athletic agility as they race to catch a passing bus, catching their foot on the first step just in time before they miss their open window.

I have much appreciation and admiration for the new team members. They aren’t sitting in a calm taxi that starts the journey and develops speed in a calm way. They haven’t been giving directions during the trip. Rather, they are catching a speeding bus and jumping on just in time.

Please pray for all of us as we make this delicate transition. Also, pray for the local congregation as the missionaries continually grow leaders and hand off the work.

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