New Team Members

new team membersWhile Barton and I were on furlough in May, we had the opportunity to meet with two families who plan to join us in Cusco in 2014.

As many of you already know, 2012 was a really tough year for us with the loss of the Cook family as they have to remain in the US to care for their daughter Gabbi’s medical needs after her diagnosis with liver cancer and her transplant that occurred last December.

So, in looking towards the future of the work and accomplishing the goals that we had set forth, we decided that the addition of new team members would be vital to maintaining our vision for Cusco. We were blessed to find two very interested couples whom we had the pleasure of visiting with a few weeks ago in Montgomery. Sarah Tesh and Ryan Davis are planning to be married in just a few weeks, and they live and work in Henderson, TN. Danyel and Derrek Wilson and their three boys live and work in Montgomery, AL.

We had a great breakfast meeting with them and some of their family members, along with some elders and mission committee members from the Dalraida Church of Christ. The plan is for them to prepare over the coming year with fundraising as well as an abbreviated training program with Great Cities Missions in Dallas.

Please pray for these two couples and their families as they make preparations for this big transition in their lives.

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