New Location!

Building One10155552_736213232129_4531696726166327620_nWhen you are starting something new, there are always new developments and transitions. We saw the deadline of our current building rental approaching, and we knew that a transition was inevitable. After weeks of negotiations, we were unsuccessful in continuing with where we were. It was a great location and had served us for four years. So, we had to begin the painful process of searching and securing a new location, remodeling, removing materials from the old location, and, finally, moving the congregation to the new place. The most difficult and delicate detail was informing the members and assuring that everyone moved through the transition safely.

April 20th was our first day in the new location, and I am happy to announce that we had a great number, and all those who usually are present were there for the first day. We were excited to see the stability in those who come. When we first began the process, we decided to approach it with a positive attitude, teaching everyone that this can be a great opportunity and it does not have to be a setback.

The new location is adequate for the next 2 1/2 years (through the end of 2016), and should serve us well in many ways. Already we are seeing that it is a better place for the church. We are continuing to make little improvements, but it is ready for the most part. So many of the members played a huge role in making sure that the transition went smoothly. The interns, Corinne and Lacee, did an excellent job in getting the building ready!

One of the phrases we repeated many times during the transition was that the church is a body and not a building. Although it was tough, I believe that moving will eventually be a tremendous blessing for our church family. It is a reminder that our emphasis should not be on a location but rather on the influence Christians can have on their community.

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