New Family

Diana Emiliano

Last May, after attending services and Bible studies for several weeks, Julio was baptized into Christ. We quickly learned that he is a very passionate and talented guy. Since then, he has been serving and looking for opportunities to help more. But he was also busy talking with his wife about Christ. I wish you could meet Julio to truly understand how passionate he is. Then you would better see how it must have been when he was talking with his wife.

Months later, his wife, Diana, was baptized into Christ. It was truly one of the most touching baptisms I have ever seen because her husband was the one who baptized her. With love, he took her confession, and then baptized her into Christ.

This month, Diana gave birth to their second-born son, Emiliano Sebastian. He is a beautiful baby and is doing well.

To me, this is the meaning and the hope of the gospel. That individuals can embrace the teachings of Jesus, put Christ on in baptism, and grow together as a family.

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