Missionary kids

my-famA lot of people ask me if its smart to uproot your kids and raise them in another culture.  They worry for them that it will be too hard on them in the long run.  I was a missionary’s kid myself and I have to disagree.  Some of my happiest memories were during my first ten years in Taiwan.  Some of my hardest memories were when I moved back to the states.  Moving back to my home, but not where I grew up, was very challenging.  I was suppose to fit in, but I didn’t.  I missed out on adecade of little things that you have to experience instead of being taught.

living in a different country, though, and standing out as an american, I was always the popular kid.  My brothers and I always got lots of attention.  We were happy and loved by everyone. We were accepted, then though we looked different.

I feel like my boys are experiencing the same thing here.  They are never in want of friends and everyone showers them with affection.  Possibly my greatest concern is spending a lot of time in preparing the boys for moving back to the states for when the time comes.  With Skype, and Internet these days, my boys have more ways to keep up with Americans.  I really feel that they will have the best chance of staying connected and experiencing the intricacies of American culture while living in Peru.



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