I have a very special memory that seems to have happened yesterday, since it manifests itself daily in my life, this memory happened about 6 years ago. While I was not very young, I was still learning the ability to very sharply analyze different areas of my Life, each of these areas were problems and these problems were not the kind that encourage you to get out of bed, or that encourage you to be someone better, more so, instead they were the type that plunged you deeper into your weaknesses, and pushes a man to the limit of his strength, to that point where you no longer believe anything else, and this is the moment when I come to believe that I had arrived to the darkest place in my life, I believed at that moment that there was no way out and that the darkness was complete. Until that moment I did not understand that the darker the night became, the closer the time came for the sun to come out again and give its best brightness, and that brightness in my life was God working through Gary and Barton. I was begging for love and understanding in exchange for many joys, many emotions and many desires to be better and they had everything I needed, I remember when they gave me the opportunity to finally be heard, that I wept like a child, but they only had big ears and even more immense hearts and they surprised me because they taught me that those problems would be small if I just decided to believe, I always like to talk about this part of my life because, it is a new life and I decided to do new things that do not please my weaknesses, but rather try to please God from that day forward. I keep trying to please my God day by day, in my attempt to do good things.

I can say I married one of the most precious women in the world. Her name is Yolanda (yoyo). I think she never understood the concept of being a “suitable helpmate,” but with much love I can say that today my wife despite not having grown up with this concept, is trying to live under this Christian precept, I say this with great humility and with a great gleam in my eyes and even more grateful to God for such a beautiful gift.

One last aspect of my life that I want to share before I finish is the I am now at a Bible school Before, this possibility was like a hidden dream, far away, but today to live that dream is a great honor for me to be in this school since I learn much more about my God and I like this idea, because through this I can fulfill the purpose, of one day to returning to Cusco and taking the necessary care of His church.

I must say that none of these things would be possible in my life if but only for the fact that there are so many wonderful people, who believe and bet on people like us to fulfill this work, indirectly you brothers who sent Gary and Barton to Cusco who have changed My life and have given me new and better hopes, thank you for all you could do, what you do and what you will do in our lives, thank you, thank you, because, like me, there are dear brothers who thank you for so much love and for so many opportunities to be better every day, and this gratitude not said, is reflected in so many brothers with the desire to do the same in some part of their life.

Elvis and Yolanda Chacón

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