Looking into 2017

Every year of a new church plant counts. In the short, six years of the church’s life in Cusco, we’ve never experienced one that wasn’t formative. 2016 was no exception, and we are excited about new possibilities as we look into 2017.

  • Because of the immediate space needs we have in our current location, and also as a result of our five main initial goals in the Cusco Mission, we have begun a building program. We are currently in the initial stages of fundraising, but we have so far been blessed by the generosity of many churches and individuals. So, this will be a main focus as we enter into 2017.
  • We recently made the decision to be more intentional with the Children’s Ministry in the church. The ministry has always had a lot of potential for attracting families to the church, as well as creating leadership among those would could lead it. We’ve had a Children’s Ministry throughout the years, and a lot of work has been poured into it; however, we would like to take it a step further. We are blessed to have an intern come join us, Bethany Iverson, whose main focus will be to work with and develop the Children’s Ministry.
  • We have Small Groups that meet throughout the city every week. These groups are essential for developing leadership, growing spiritual maturity, having fellowship and doing ministry. We’ve generally had written curriculum in the past that each leader would use. However, we have transitioned the groups to use only the Bible, and we have worked on a system that would allow them to lead the group in studying passages throughout the year. We hope to have more reproducible groups that aren’t so dependent on missionary involvement.
  • In 2016 we thought a lot about leadership. At the beginning of the year we sent three of our leaders to a Bible Institute in Honduras. They’ve had a great experience so far, and are actually here in Cusco during their school break. They’ve grown and are excited about the future in Cusco. They have 2-1/2 more years to go. We want to disciple more leaders – evangelists, church planters, deacons, elders, teams of individuals. We can look into the church and see a lot of potential. However, we’re beginning to turn away from sending our best leaders away, and instead we are looking to see how we can disciple and train them better here in the city and in the church. This has led us to a lot of new ideas and challenges regarding our leadership system, the Leadership Pathway. We’re praying to begin something more formal at the beginning of 2017.

There is a lot more to 2017, but these are some of our main focuses. We are excited about the year and ask that you pray that God bless us.

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