One of the new things we have been developing in the work during the past 5 months has been growing our LOGOS ministry, which is our bible class program. In the past we have had one class on Sunday and occasional other classes during the week depending on church members interest.

Recently we decided to be much more proactive in developing this ministry and offering more opportunities to our member to grow in the word and more opportunities to the community to learn about God. The past few months have been very exciting thanks to God!

We have been teaching 3 different classes weekly more than doubling our previous attendance numbers. Not only have we seen growth in our members interest in learning more about God’s word but expanding the LOGOS ministry has helped as an evangelism tool to peek the communities interest in the Bible. Most exciting in the growth of this ministry is seeing our Peruvians members teach classes for the first time! Please pray for the continued growth of this program and the growth of future teachers.

Carmen teaching Prison Epistles during a ladies class.




Hands on activity  for Sarah’s Life in Pieces class.
Adriana teaching her first class.





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