Life with Twins

C & E


We’re ending our time in Lima and are eager to get back to life and work in Cusco. It has been a blessing to be here, and the babies and Allison are doing very well. Having babies in a foreign country is very complicated, when dealing with a different language, a different country, and having to sort out their dual citizenships.

We’re still working on documentation, but for the most part, beginning all of their paperwork went fairly smooth. So far, we’ve had to apply for a document of birth from the clinic where they were born, a Peruvian I.D. card, a birth certificate, a certificate that declares they are American citizens who were born abroad, an American passport, and a Peruvian passport. This has taken twice as long because we have twins. Afterwards, we hope to finish insuring them medically and obtaining their social security cards.

We hope to finish this whole process in the next two months. However, we’ve had quality time holding babies and changing diapers. The twins have been a huge blessing to our lives, and we are thankful for these two new additions to our family.

Thanks to our teammates, friends, and family who have helped out tremendously, and thanks to all for your prayers!

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