Life in cusco with Aspergers

logan7Four years ago when we arrived at cusco, we were having a little trouble with logan being happy and participating in school. we thought it was just the language but after trying several different school, we were told that logan probably has a form of autism. We had him tested in the states and it was confirmed that he has Aspergers, which is a very high functioning form of autism. This was very upsetting for us to find out, but we finally realized that we would just have to approach things differently with him. Soon after God blessed us here in peru with Celeste, she is a specialist in autism and she has been the most helpful person here in cusco. With her help we have been able to form work plans to help Logan thrive. As long as we keep being very proactive with Logan, then at some point maybe in his teenage years, he will have overcome his autism to the point of functioning like everyone else.

These last four years have been difficult, but we have seen him progress quite a bit. His fine motor skills has improved a lot and he has learned to be social and enjoy it. For us those are huge accomplishments. Logan is a great kid; he is a very loving and patient brother. He is the most empathic person I’ve ever known.
Even though he has overcome much, each year presents new challenges. So we make new work plans for him every few months. Every now and then I get overwhelmed by how much needs to be done and how long it takes. Sometimes I just want a break, or to see results faster. So every now and then I break down and have a cry day. Then, I get up the next day and keep going and remind myself to take one day at a time. I remind myself that its all going to work out and logan will be ok. Right now logan is struggling to see the point of school and homework. Even after 4 years, he still doesn’t like speaking Spanish. He tells me all the time that he wants to move back to the states, because he thinks its better. I feel like he has unrealistic views of the states. Every time we go back on furlough, it’s over the holidays, so everywhere we stay means more presents. I feel like his impression of the US is a country where you get lots if gifts. We have lots of talks about this, that every country has homework, and chores. I really want him to be happy here. He’s finishing up first grade and he hates school. He manipulates his teachers, and they let him do whatever because they think he’s handicapped, so he’s getting behind. First grade has been a very stressful year for all of us. Please pray for us that second grade is a better year and that Logan can accept some realities.

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