Halloween in Cusco

Interestingly enough, here in Peru they celebrate Halloween much the same way kids celebrate in the states. They have adopted the American traditions of the kids dressing up in costumes and asking for candy. The difference is, instead of saying “trick or treat”, they say “Halloween” and they usually go to local stores, businesses, and restaurants instead of house to house. That and there is none of the yummy mini chocolate bars you get in the states, just little hard candies in various flavors. But at least we don’t have to worry about eating too much candy!

Anyway, Halloween is a lot of fun here and it always reminds me of when we first arrived to Cusco four years ago. We got here just before Halloween, and at the time we were looking for furniture and apartments and living out of our suitcases in a local hotel that just so happens to be right across the street from the neighborhood we ended up moving to, so I pass it all the time walking around. Below is a picture of Cole on his first Halloween dressed up as a little dinosaur and a picture of him today at his preschool dressed up in a homemade robot costume. We look forward to going out tonight to “trick or treat” with all three kids!

image image

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