2016 has been a great year of growth here in Cusco. Not only is it exciting to see new people joining the body of Christ but seeing young Christians serve in ways they never have before. This year has been full of seeing young christians put aside all fear and doubt to serve God. Here are some firsts throughout the year of some of our members:

Diego formally an atheist who was baptized in 2015 preaching his first sermon!

Leading singing is probably one of the most nerve racking things for our members but Ricardo stepped up to the plate and did a great job leading worship for the first time in May.

Growing our children’s ministry is one of our biggest needs in the work. When Rosa heard that few people were volunteering to teach she taught for the first time during the whole month of July.


    Conrad and his mom Elsie, who were baptized in April, have been great help in the congregation. Elsie taught a great lesson on the family during our First Ladies Conference completely organized by our members and Conrad recently preached for the first time and is about to lead singing for worship.

                        Carmen and Adriana some of our most active youth in the congregation lead singing for the first time ever during our ladies conference.


Two more of our ladies, Ana Is & Marcia, who although very nervous, stood in front of a full crowd for the very first time to teach great lessons.


Sharit, who finished her first year on our leadership pathway, recently organized a Youth Retreat with several churches from South America and our Annual Christmas Project.


Elvis, Percy and, Yolanda just finished their first year at Baxter Institute in Honduras  and looking forward to 2.5 more years.

And cant forget the most exciting first of the year, Ryan and Sarah’s first child, Luke, born on Dec 9th!

Please pray for all these young Christians, that God keeps the fire burning in them to continue serving and that they can be an encouragement to others to serve in the Lord’s church.

“For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind.”             2 Timothy 1:7

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