Fellowship Day

pictionary winnersThere are so many things to balance in the work in Cusco. You must consider bringing new people in (evangelism), teaching everyone and challenging them biblically, according to their level (discipleship), encouraging them to grow in their relationship with the Lord (worship), helping them become involved in the kingdom (ministry), and, finally, ensuring that each establishes a Christian relationship with everyone else (fellowship). When you read the list above and consider developing each person of the church in the five areas, you quickly become overwhelmed.

Each person is different and complex, with their own areas of advantages and struggles. A formula isn’t the solution, but it does help a little. The missionary team decided a few years ago to give attention to these areas, and to attempt to do it in a balanced way.

For this reason, we have planned different fellowship days in the calendar. They’re not all the same, and sometimes we go out to the country for a grill-out or other times we meet in the building, play games, and share a meal. These are not the only fellowship opportunities but they are what we do as a group. Two weeks ago, we met after worship and divided the group into four teams. Then we competed in a game of Pictionary. The winners, pictured above, received the cup, which has now become a tradition. This same cup has been passed between winners of previous games. Later the groups met as ministry teams, and we took the opportunity to plan out our upcoming Big Day, which will be September 14th. Each team has a different responsibility in carrying out the Big Day.

Fellowship is an area that is easy to take for granted. We could convert hundreds in one year, but in the end, without fellowship, the sense of family is lost. We could organize ourselves into an army of ministers to do good works in the community, but without fellowship, there would be no community in the church. Oftentimes we confine fellowship to a meal after services or to an accountability meeting. These are great activities, but are not the deepest values that should be associated with the word. Instead, our goal is community, family, dependency, enjoyment, unity, and accountability.

The local church should excelling in areas such a using Christ’s message to change lives, growing in the Scriptures, doing good works in the community, but all while enjoying and discovering the new spiritual family in which they find themselves.

How good and pleasant it is when brothers live together in unity!  -Psalm 133:1

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