English Campaign


Every year we host a english campaign which consists of several american volunteers teaching the peruvians english through the word of God.  This campaign normally lasts anywhere from 3 and a half weeks to 5 weeks.  This is the only campaign that lasts more than a week, which is a great opportunity for the campaigners to develop a relationship with thier students.

We were a little worried that we were not going to have many students, since not many peruvians had signed up, but as usual God provided the students and all in all we had a great turn out for the entire campaign.  We started off with about 6-7 students for each of the 5 campaigners, so that averaged around 30 Bible students a day, plus our two interns took on several students. On top of the campaign we had 2 beginner english classes with about 10-15 students each day.  Every day started around 7:30 AM and ended around 9:00PM with breaks inbetween.  i was very impressed with how dedicated and hard working the campaigners and our interns were.  This was the first campaign that our interns helped plan, and we think they did an excellent job.   The students who completed the program (around 10) still wanted to continue advancing their english, so they continue studying with the same teachers over the internet. We still have a few students attending worship services, small group Bible studies, and the youth meetings!

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