Christmas Project

Every year, we plan an end of the year project for several months that will serve towards helping the community. We have done this through a number of ways throughout the years. For example, we  brought presents to children in the nearby government hospital, and we have traveled to the countryside and shared a chocolatada (Peruvian event with hot chocolate and sweet bread) with the children in the community. Every year, it is fun to enjoy the holiday season with Peruvian children.

This year, we learned of a project called Manos Unidas. It is essentially a school whose mission is to prepare and provide educational opportunities for children who have disabilities. We explained the school’s mission to the church, and also, over the course of several months, described what would be our project with the school.

The day finally arrived, and several from the congregation loaded up a bus full of presents and snacks for the children. We arrived to the school and were immediately greeted by smiling faces who were excited to see not only the presents but also Christians who came to play. We sang songs, played, and opened presents throughout the morning. We ended with a few snacks and shared some words on the meaning of the church and Christ.

As I was drinking my hot chocolate, I thought about how wonderful it is to be a part of a group of Christians whose interests are in the community that surrounds it. We established a good relationship with the school, and my hope is that we one day return to play with the children there.

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