“Changes You Made Possible” by Diego Miranda


Good day to all of you, whoever is Reading this and all the people who made this possible. Before beginning with the story let me say, thank you, thanks from the bottom of my heart. My name is Diego Miranda Camargo, I’m 21. I study Minning Engeeniering and I’m part of the church since April this year. I always had doubts about religion never been baptize of anything until I did it this year. I come from a half divided family. Between Catholics and Jehova’s witnesses. I lived my live try not to be part of any of those but in some way I had. Through the year I was looking for myself and sadly at one point I thought I did but what I really done was getting away from God. I never liked tags but I was a former atheist. I had still been one when I meet everybody in Iglesia de Cristo in a medical campaign where I helped as a translator. At that moment I never thought of becoming a Christian someday but here I am, talking about the power of God, uh? About how I became a Christian it’s not much of a great story and Gary already told you how was it. I want to talk to you about the changes that it made in my life. Changes that I’m still experiencing and fighting against. Before getting to the church I had a live. A common live with things that slowly got me away from God getting to make me doubt of his existence. Have you ever looked straight to the sun? it hurts but you know the sun it’s there and how warm it is. Getting God and Jesus back to my life again was like that, a strong ray of light that harmed my blind eyes but healed them at the same time. It’s a bit painful to still looking still but don’t worry I’m just getting used to the light, to the warmess, to the happiness and bless God gave again. There are a lot more reasons for me to thank you but this is the main one, you saved my life by letting me get closer to God and it’s something that happends everyday. I found a home with the church, brother and sisters. I will never be able to thank you enogh. You are really doing God’s work and that saved me as it’s saving a lot of people on my city. May the Lord bless you, I know I will see you someday to give a hug in person. Until that day comes. Thank you.


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