Celebrating & Encouraging Action

serviceWe are going to try to double our attendance on October 20. This will be the third anniversary of our congregation and a chance for all the members to get involved. Leading up to the anniversary we celebrated all of our ministries and various services in which each member participates and afterwards invited the rest to get involved as well by symbolically placing their hand on the wall.

Specifically we are making a big push that each member invite at least one person for the anniversary.  On top of that we are putting ads on billboards, tv, radio, etc.. to invite everyone in Cusco to join us for a new sermon series.

We have tried this strategy a few times in the past and once actually doubled our attendance. Please pray with us that this time will be even more successful.

If we can double our attendance in one day, that is a lot of good new contacts that could potentially come back and become members.  May God bless this endeavor to His glory!

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