Bittersweet Transitions

Bittersweet Transitions

The Cusco Team has gone through a few big changes in the last month. First off we are very happy and excited to receive our newest teammates Kevin and Keli Westmorland. They have only been with us a couple of weeks, but they really seem to be settling in well. They are still in the process of getting furniture and things for their apartment and will be starting Spanish classes soon. We are truly grateful for them joining our team and we feel blessed for their dedication to work with us here in Cusco. We are eager to see the great things God will bring to this work through them.

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On a sadder note, the Wilson’s have regrettably decided to return back to the states. They will not be returning to Peru to continue working with us. This has hit the team pretty hard; we were all very excited to see how God would use their talents to aid the work here. They are very hard workers and passionate in different areas that would have truly benefited the work. We feel a great loss at their departure and for the year they were here under training. We know that we are not in control and as hard as it has been getting attached to the Wilsons, only to have them leave so soon, we know that God will do great things through them. We ask that all who are willing, to pray for our team, that we all can move on with grace and an attitude of acceptance.


We will miss you guys dearly,


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