Baptisms, Medical Campaign follow-up (good news).


A young man named Alexander came in with and AD for our School of the Bible. He wanted to give his life to God. We studied the Bible together and within an hour we were filling up the baptistery. This is one of those rare occasions here where it happens that fast. This is a missionary’s dream come true. However the old adage, “easy come easy go” comes to mind. Since Alexanders baptism he’s  disappeared, and deleted his facebook. Please pray for him.


Most of the time it does not happen this way. We work very hard to follow up with leads and sit for weeks on end with people to teach them the gospel; praying that the seed will take root and that God will give the increase. For example Milagros and her son Alejandro put Christ on in Baptism after about four weeks of Bible study together. I studied with Milagros and she would take the lessons home and share them with her son.


Continue to pray for this family. They are still continuing to study and attend services.

Last March we hosted our annual medical campaign. This is one example where we make contact with thousands of people, and follow up with hundreds which leads to 200 or so committing to a study. Out of those 200, maybe 50 will actually show up, and out of those fifty maybe 2 will give their lives to the Lord. When i give numbers like this, keep in mind i’m including long term retention.

This past medical campaign was very different. We always thanks all the people who come and the churches who give to make this campaign happen. But, this time I really want to pour out a heartfelt thanks to God for giving the increase. We have been doing this campaign for four years and have always had the intention of doing good for the sake of doing good. Of course we want everything we do to be evangelistic. It just doesn’t normally work out that way on short term campaigns; at least not in terms of long term retention. I’ve done short term work in nearly 30 countries and rarely have i seen high yield/long term returns evangelistically speaking. But as i said before. This time was different.

10374252_743599075839_1286569005_n This is Teresa and her daughter Adriana.
They came through the medical campaign and are both now active members of the church. We couldn’t ask for two better people. They have already been regular at services since March and bringing family and friends who are also now members or regular attendees.

10396480_743606181599_995548913_n Ana Isabel
10416992_743606231499_2099085054_n Oscar

10388406_743607878199_920754691_n Patricia and Sharit

Ana, Oscar, Patricia, and Sharit are all family who have been attending regularly since March and brought many family members and friends who are also now attending regularly and some attending weekly Bible studies.

I’m only listing a few examples here because the list is large, and i am not much of a writer. 🙂
But, we can calculate 10 people immediately from the March medical campaign who are still with us and out of those 10, they have continued to bring more. This is a trend i pray will continue. I hope it never ends.

If you’ve ever had doubts about the efficacy of the medical campaigns, i hope this encourages you and renews your zeal for being a part of the campaign in the future. What i’ve learned is that follow up, and getting results takes time. It’s taken a long time, but we’re seeing really good results.

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