2017 Medical Campaign

This year was another great year for our medical campaign! Each year our medical campaign is a great way for our church to be very present and visible in the community and also provides a major influx of contacts for Bible studies. Thanks to campaigners who work hard and never quit, in 4 days we saw more than 1500 patients in General Medicine and Optometry!

This campaign had a lot of new parts from the location to several first time campaigners. One great part of the campaign was the children’s ministry. Our new intern Bethany turned what usually is just a station for kids to color into a dynamic exciting area for the campaigners to work and for the kids from the community to learn about God. In the end it become one of the most popular stations spreading Gods love to countless children.

This year was also very exciting for our evangelism station. In years past, normally missionaries have sat during the campaign and done hundred of studies with patients as they wait to b seen. This year a team of church members got together, organized and ran the whole evangelism station. As missionaries our goal is not only to fulfill the Great Commission but also disciple people to also want to fulfill the Great Commission. The campaign provided a great opportunity for members who never saw themselves as being able to teach the Gospel, teach their fellow Peruvians one-on-on. 2 men were baptized during the campaign, Pedro and Saul, as a result of the medical campaign studies! Please pray for these men and our church members that they continue to have a zeal for spreading God’s Word.


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