2014 Summer Campaign

kidscampaignWe recently hosted a summer campaign in Cusco. Matt Cook, former teammate and now a teacher in the Bible department at Freed-Hardeman University, returned to Cusco for a week and brought three campaigners. Our goal was to work with children in two area schools. Both of the schools we worked with are associated with our new congregation. One of our members is the principal of the first, and another of our members is a teacher in the second.

A group of approximately 10-15 of our Peruvian members were with us every moment of the campaign. We began each morning preparing a lunch for the kids. The lunches were not peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, but rather meals like spaghetti with pesto sauce and roasted chicken. The members did an excellent job preparing 200 meals a day!

When everything was ready, we loaded up in the vans and headed out to the first school. We spent two hours there, teaching a Bible lesson, singing songs, doing a craft with each child, and providing a snack. One day we even took on the older kids in a soccer match. We lost. Afterwards, we loaded up again and traveled to the second school. We repeated the program and then ate lunch with all of the children in the school.

It was a lot of work, but we made some good contacts and shared the love of Christ in the community of Cusco. Matt and the campaigners did an excellent job, and our intern, Corinne, organized an incredible week.

We are now involved in followup. Our goal is to reach out to the children and to their parents. We have already coordinated with the first school, and beginning in September the church will provide an after school program. We will offer three courses:  an art course, taught by Jennifer, a choir course, taught by Gary, and then I will be teaching a course to the parents. At the close of the program, we hope to organize an event following our worship services where the parents can come and see the work their children have completed during the program.

Please pray for our plan. We are continuing to search for new ways to reach out to those in the community who do not yet know Christ.

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